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Program settings

  • Language - if this field is empty, language as per the windows settings is used. Note: Language change will be applied once the program is restarted.
  • Turn-off the Trader in time - if this field is ticked, the Trader will be turned-off at given (local) time. Warning! The program will turn off in the time provided no matter any ongoing trading, i.e. also in the case, when the trade orders are opened!
  • Connect automatically to the provider after the program is started - if this field is ticked, the program will automatically try to connect to selected data provider after its start.
  • Run Automatic orders tracking after the program is started - if this field is ticked (and the program will successfully connect to TWS), Automatic orders tracking will be run immediately after the program is started.
  • Immediately transmit manually sent orders to stock market - if this field is ticked, all manually sent orders are immediately transmitted to the stock market. Otherwise they wait in TWS until they are sent manually.
  • Data provider: Data provider can be selected: InterActiveBrokers or IQfeed. Warning! If the data are streamed from IQfeed, it is not possible to execute trade orders. Trading is possible using just the TWS platform from InterActiveBrokers.
  • Connection to TWS / Connection to IQfeed Contains settings of data provider connection. If incorrect values are entered, the program will not be able to connect to data provider! We recommend to keep the initial values.

    Detailed description is provided here.

  • Send the activity log via email - if this field is ticked, the program will send complete Activity log to the specified email address.
  • Connection type - it enables to select an encrypted connection (SSL) or a regular connection
  • Email address - your email address
  • SMTP server - outgoing mail server
  • Login name - your login name that is used to access your email
  • Password - password to access your email Warning! The password is saved to your local computer in encrypted format. Used encryption makes it impossible to reveal the password by regular users, however sophisticated software (for encryption decoding) will reveal the password!
  • SMTP server port - port of the SMTP server for outgoing mails
  • Time to send email - local time, when the program will send an email with activity log

Details on settings of individual fields will be provided to you by your email provider. After entering all items you can test the full functionality by pressing the button “Test mail”.

  • Feature “Automatic signals tracking” can CLOSE positions - this field is permanently ticked. This cannot be changed. Feature for Automatic tracking of orders can always close positions
  • Feature for Automatic signals tracking can OPEN positions - if this field is ticked the feature for Automatic signals tracking will open new positions. Otherwise, this feature will just close positions.