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Main window of the program

Main window of the program

Item Description
Open Portfolio Will load file with portfolio definition. Note: At the start of the Trader the last used portfolio is loaded.
Connect / Disconnect TWS Connect to / disconnect from InteractiveBrokers TWS. Note: Trader can connect to TWS automatically after its start - see settings.
Open settings Open program settings.
Update data Used to manual data update. This button is used outside of the regular trade hours (RTH) to download EOD prices of previous day. This button is not needed during regular trading within stock market RTH. The data are downloaded and updated automatically.
Selection of databases Enables to switch the program to a different database. Current database will be saved to the hard drive.
Send the orders Send the active orders to enter to and/or exit from TWS. According to the program settings the orders are either sent to TWS only, or sent direct to the stock market.
Start automate Will start Automatic signals tracking and orders. Detailed description of this function is available here.
Number of opened positions Displays number of currently opened positions and positions that are actually being opened (orders sent to enter a position).
Maximum of positions Defines maximum amount of currently opened positions and/or positions that are actually being opened (orders sent to enter a position).
Account bar It contains information on status of trade account, its balance, actual margin and available funds. Data are taken over from TWS.

Description of basic operations

Load portfolio

Portfolio can be loaded using Main menu - File - Open Portfolio.

Warning! Portfolio must be exported from Builder! Working Builder portfolios cannot be uploaded in CSV format!

Connection to TWS InterActiveBrokers

Real-time as well as historical data needed for calculation of portfolio signals are downloaded from Trader WorkStation platform from InterActiveBrokers.

To connect click on a button “Connect to TWS" or use Main menu - File - Connect to TWS.

Note: "Enable ActiveX and Socket Clients" must be confirmed in TWS. Click here to display a preview of settings.

Upload of license file

The license for program legal usage can be uploaded using Main menu - Settings - Upload license. Once the license is uploaded, the program must be restarted.