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Settings of TWS connection

Settings of TWS connection

Dialog used for setting of login data to Trade Work Station platform from InterActiveBrokers.

Settings items:

Item Description
IP address TWS IP address TWS. If the TWS and StockPairTrader are run at one computer, the default value “” applies.
Socket port Settings must be similar to settings of "Socket port" in TWS.

Note: TWS settings is called using the Main Menu - Edit - Global Configuration - API - Settings.

Client’s ID It is used to distinguish individual clients connected to TWS. Each client connected to TWS must have its own unique ID.

If you require to have Stock Pair Builder and Stock Pair Trader run simultaneously on one computer, set ID Builder = 1 and ID Trader = 2

Account code Code of the account at IB. To be filled in only in a case, when there are more accounts at IB under one login name.
Automatically connect... If this box is ticked, Trader will try to connect to TWS immediately after its initiation.
Start automatically... If this field is checked, Trader will connect to TWS immediately after its initiation and will also start its feature Automatic signal tracking.


After an attempt to connect to the client, TWS will display a query, if the connection shall be accepted. By an addition of address in the field “TWS IP address” into the list of reliable addresses "Trusted IP Addresses" will allow to skip this query in the future.