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License for program use

License system

Stock Pair Trading uses flexible license system that is bound to a license key - text chain in a form of "ABCD-1234-19A2-49C1-BE03-92EB-7567-46F5-F75E-F4E7-6F53-D4E1-AFBD-D4DC-52B3-1FCF-9FE9-57C2-285E-A935-6849-C53D-ACD7-E87A".

You will obtain the license key after purchase of the program via email. Insert the license key within the first initiation of the program. License information will be saved to the local drive of your computer and the program will be made fully operational.

License installation

If the program will not find the license within its initiation sequence, it will ask for its installation. This is typical at the first initiation of the application after its installation.

Dialogue options:

Dialog for entry of the license key

After clicking on the button “Install license” the following dialog is opened. Confirm the first selected choice - Local license.

(1) Copy (Ctrl + C) the license key that you have obtained with purchase of the software via email and insert it (Ctrl + V) to the “License key” field.

(2) Click on the button “Install license”.

Once the license is verified at the StockPairTrading server, the text in the right top corner of the dialog will change:

This means that the license installation is finished. By clicking on button “Close” the window will be closed and Stock Pair Trading will be started.


After a 30-days trial period the program cannot be used without buying a license. Then, the window will look like this: