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Sectors definition

Sectors of economy

“Sector” is a stocks group that have the same characteristics (fundaments). Sector is usually formed by stocks from one field of economy (such as Iron ore processing, Telecommunications, Retail Chain, etc.).

Stock Pair Builder uses sector definitions to screen the profitable stock pairs. Within screening the program automatically generates all possible combinations of stock pairs in each selected sector and will display pairs that comply with specified criteria.

Example: Let’s have a sector formed by Stocks A, B, C and D. Within the screening, program will automatically test these pairs:

Explanation, why the program tests also pair “X-Y” as well as “Y-X” can be found here.

Files with sectors definitions

Sectors definitions are saved in independent files with CSV extension. CSV files can be edited in text editor (e.g. Notepad) or in a table editor (e.g. MS Excel). When editing the files in MS Excel, it is necessary to keep the format “CSV separated by semicolon”. Otherwise, it will not be possible to upload the file to Stock Pair Builder.

Format of file containing sectors definitions is:

<sector_name>;<symbol_stock1>;<symbol_stock2>;<symbol_stock3>;<symbol_stock4>; ...;<symbol_stockN>

Upload of a sector to Stock Pair Builder

  1. Go to tab “Pair screening”
  2. In the menu with icons press the button “Load sectors”
  3. In the dialog window select one or more files with sectors definition
    Warning! Initial list of definition files is overwritten by a new selection. All sectors definition files that will be used by Builder must be selected all at one time!

Edit the sectors

Sectors definition can be edited by clicking on the button “Edit sectors” at the tab “Pair screening”.

Name of the sector and list of stocks in individual sectors can be edited direct in the table. Warning! Stocks symbols must be divided by a semicolon! There can (but does not need to) be a semicolon after the last stock.

All sectors (lines in the table) can be moved between individual definition files using a change in the column “File”. Just select the file, to which the sector shall be moved, using the dropdown list.