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Stocks administrator

Stocks administrator

Stocks administrator is used to add or edit the stock definitions and their stock markets.

Stock is in the StockPairTrading database and it is clearly identified within communication with the broker using its symbol and stock market symbol, in which the stock is traded. For example: "MSFT:NASDAQ". If there is just one stock with given symbol in the database, it is sufficient to use simplified identification - “MSFT”. The program will search for the stock in the database on its own.

Database contained in the installation package comprises 6722 stocks that are traded at US stock markets NYSE, NASDAQ and AMEX (status as of 31/3/2017).

Usage of stocks administrator

Add the stocks and stock markets symbols, which you want to add to database or whose definition is to be updated, to the table.

Supported markets symbols:
  • NYSE
  • AMEX

Bulk addition of stocks definitions

The table supports bulk addition of stocks and stock markets definitions using the Windows clipboard.
  1. Prepare a list of stocks in table editor (e.g. MS Excel) in such a way that one column will contain stock symbol and the second column will contain symbol of corresponding stock market.
  2. Select stocks that are required to be transferred to the stock administrator and copy them to Windows Clipboard using Ctrl+C
  3. Go to Stocks administrator in Stock Pair Builder
  4. Click onto any cell of table. The cell must have a full blue background. It must not be switched to the edit mode!
  5. Paste prepared definitions from Windows clipboard using Ctrl+V
Warning: During selection of the cell as per paragraph 4 click just once. Otherwise the cell will switch into the edit mode and the paste function will not work!

Possible results of definitions update

  • Without any change - stock is already present in the database
  • Definition was modified - stock with given symbol was already present in the database, but under a different stock market. Stock definition was updated.
  • Stock is added - stock was added to the database
  • Update of stock definition is not possible - there were more stocks found with the same symbol (but different stock market). A stock was added to the database


If you will decide to create your own database using CSV files import, we would recommend you to create definition of all stocks using the Administrator first and only then import their data from CSV. Due to this procedure the stocks will have correctly assigned stock market and there will be no communication issues with TWS.