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Database administration

Database administration is available at the tab “Database”. Here, you can import historical data, download data from Interactive Brokers, manage shares definitions.

Controls available at the tab Database

  • Connect - will attempt to connect to selected data provider. After initiation, the Stock Pair Builder will attempt to connect to a selected data provider (TWS or IQfeed). If the automatic connection is unsuccessful (e.g. TWS is started later), use this button to establish the connection.
  • Connection settings - will open a window for connection settings to TWS Interactive Brokers.
  • Selection of databases - is used to change the database during operation of the program. Current database is saved and the program will open a dialog for selection of a different file. This enable, for example, separate symbols of individual stock markets, or US / European markets, etc.
  • Updated symbols - will enforce update of the Stock table. The table is updated automatically after download of historical data from TWS, change of the database and similar. This button is necessary to use only after manual entry (edit) of the prices in the OHLCV table.
  • Data import - will open a guide for data import
  • Stocks administration - will open a dialogue for a bulk import / administration of stocks definition.
  • Delete database - will delete all data from the database. Warning! This step is irreversible!
  • The status bar at the bottom of the page contains:
    • Information on connection status to TWS
    • Full path to the database source file.

Location of the database file

Program database Stock Pair Builder and Stock Pair Trader is saved at the local computer hard drive. Data are saved in a binary format with a file extension “.DAT”.

Data update

Once connected, the program will update the database automatically. Update is limited by Interactive Brokers rules, which allow to download 60 symbols at 10 minutes time at maximum. Stock Pair Builder saves individual symbols update date and prefer to download those that contains the oldest update date.

Context menu of stocks table

  • Settings of update priority - If you want to update specific symbols as a priority, select them in the list of symbols and click right button of the mouse. Then, in the context menu insert priority of selected stocks and confirm by Enter key. Priority can be selected from a range of 1 -3. The lower the value of the priority, the sooner the symbol will be updated.
  • Delete selected stocks - Complete removal of selected stocks from the database.