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Stock Pair Trader

Stock Pair Trader is reliable software for automated trading of Stock Pairs.

While Stock Pair Builder helps you find and backtest thousands of stock pairs and build optimal personal portfolio, Stock Pair Trader will significantly simplify trading of your stock pairs. When you connect Stock Pair Trader to InteractiveBrokes TWS, it automatically starts to stream real-time data, calculate trading signals and prepare all the market orders for position opening and closing.

Like StockPairBuilder, the Trader was developed in 2006 for our own trading as well. From a simple tool that just evaluated trading signals, we have worked it to sophisticated automat which is able to trade independently.
Great emphasis is placed on Traders transparency and controllability. User shall at all times know why and what the program is doing and have the right to interfere. Over the past 10 years, Trader executed thousands of trades and helped hundreds of our users to successfully trade their portfolio.

Trader and Builder create together complete package for successful trading of stock pairs.

Connection to Trader Work Station

  • ★ All the data are stored in TWS. Only the portfolio definition is saved locally
  • ★ After the start Trader can download all the data - making it possible to trade from different computers (notebook / server / desktop) without the risk of data loss or corruption
  • ★ Continually monitors all positions, signals and orders. Trader immediately adjust pair status in case of manual intervention in the TWS
  • ★ Realtime streams prices and calculate pair model
  • ★ Current price, position, earnings, relative deviation and orders of each pair are displayed in clear graphics
  • ★ Prepare and send orders at specified time

Order execution modes

  • ★ User can choose between three modes of order management: Manual, Semi-automatic, Automatic trading
    • Manual mode:
      At specified time Trader prepares trading orders. By clicking the button user send it (one-by-one / in bulk) to TWS. Here these orders wait for final confirmation and sending to the stock market
    • Semi-automatic mode:
      At specified time Trader prepares trading orders. By clicking the button user send it (one-by-one / in bulk) to the stock market.
    • Automatic mode:
      At specified time Trader prepares trading orders and send them to the stock market. Than he actively monitors and manage these orders to ensure their full execution.

Connection to Stock Pair Builder

  • ★ Both programs use identical modelsfor maximum consistency between backtest and live trading
  • ★ Import portfolio directly from the Builder
  • ★ The ability to share database of historical data
  • ★ The ability to share program logs

Compliance with business plan

  • ★ Orders are executed just before the end of regular trading hours to ensure maximum compliance with the backtest and business plan
  • ★ Automated solution eliminating the possibility of human error
  • ★ Clear signals support psychological certainty, reduce impulsive behavior