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Download Stock Pair Trading platform - complete solution for trading stock pairs.

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Test Stock Pair Trading platform 30 days for free.

Content of installation package:

  • Stock Pair Builder - used for screening and backtesting stock pairs and build of your portfolio.
  • Stock Pair Trader - used for automated trading of stock pairs via InteractiveBrokers
  • List of US stocks - complete list of all stocks traded on NYSE, NASDAQ, AMEX
  • Historical data - database of close prices of US stocks (5 years)
  • Predefined sectors - 132 predefined sectors of US economy (326.208 potential pairs)
  • Data editor - effective tool for editing and merging historical data from up to 3 sources

Minimal HW configuration:

  • ➤ Processor: 1GHz or faster
  • ➤ Memory (RAM): at least 4 GB
  • ➤ Free space on your HDD: 300 MB
  • ➤ Minimal resolution: 1024 x 768

Build portfolio and trade like a professional !